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May 2, 2023 Cooking Tips

Whip Up Fast and Tasty Meals With These 4 Great Beef Cuts

Cooking Tips

Attention all stir-fry fanatics! Get your woks sizzling with these top cuts that are perfect for creating quick and delicious stir-fry dishes: 

1 Rump: Elevate your stir-fry game with rump steak. This versatile and flavourful cut is perfect for slicing thinly and stir-frying to tender perfection. Enjoy its juicy, beefy goodness in every bite! 

2 Topside: Slice and stir your way to stir-fry perfection with topside beef. This lean and tender cut lends itself beautifully to quick cooking methods, allowing you to enjoy its delicate flavour and succulent texture. 

3 Chuck: Add depth and richness to your stir-fries with chuck steak. While typically used for slow cooking, when thinly sliced and cooked over high heat, it becomes tender and imparts a wonderful beefy taste to your dish. 

4 Knuckle: For a lean and tender option, try knuckle beef in your stir-fries. Its fine texture and delicate flavour make it an excellent choice, ensuring your stir-fry is both delicious and satisfying. 

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